About Us


Building and maintaining trust is more important than ever in today’s global business environment. We always strive to conduct our business in a manner reflecting our safety and environment protection policy.


TEFFCO has numerous policies to ensure that our business practices and operations are consistently effective, responsive, and highly principled. We are committed to achieving this through integrity and sound corporate governance. We focus on our key expertise to engage more effectively with local communities, such unique opportunities enable us to embrace our obligation to be good corporate citizens. Openness creates opportunities for customer relationships. Lastly, we would like to thank all our valuable customers, principals, business partners and employees for their continuous contribution to our progressive success and support of our vision and goals.


Regards, Ebrahim Ehtiati
The chairman of the board


Our History



Having half a century of history and experience in this market and industry and by relying on its founder’s experiences and knowledge, Faraz Steel Trading as known as TEFFCO, has been working on it’s potentials to trade and produce various steel products also present unique services for the customers all around the world.

. Establishment of Ehtiati Trading Company
. Import of sheets plates and sections from Russia

1973 - 2001

. Establishment of Sambol Tejarat Aria

2001 - 2006

. Establishment of Volga shipping
. Establishment of Delta Company
. Imports Sawn Wood from Russia
. Establishment of SalemTejarat Asia
. Import of Industrial steel sections from Russia and Turkey

2006 - 2011

. Establishment of Exclusive Warehouse
. Production of steel monopolies for the first time in Iran
. Establishment of a steel cutting Factory
. Import of Insutrial plates from South Korea and China

2011 - 2016

. Establishment of Faraz Steel Trading
. Agreement with oxin steel
. Establishment of Steel Technique Company
. Establishment of Faraz Steel Company
. Production of special sections
. Holding the franchise for Rockstar brand
. Holding the franchise for the Izeh and Malmir steel company
. Export of industrial products to Iraq
. Establishment of TEFFCO

2016 - 2023