Crane Rail

Developed for overhead gantry and floor-mounted cranes in ports, warehouses and shipyards, our crane rails are available in diverse strengths and sizes.

Our high quality products, ability to stick to tight customer delivery schedules and global shipping capability make us a natural choice for major projects worldwide, working alongside leading crane rail installers. 

With a regular rolling programme of each rail size coupled with our dedicated crane rail stockholding facilities, we offer customers all over the world just-in-time delivery.
Whether for overhead gantry or floor mounted-cranes, we understand that consistency of product is critical. Our rail is checked for straightness and quality in our dedicated inspection facility.

Product range

We offer a range of steel rail sections for use with overhead gantry and floor-mounted cranes. Our crane rail products include:

  • The ‘A’ range of rail sizes – manufactured to DIN 536-1
  • Crane rails manufactured to our own specifications

Customised lengths

Our crane rails are supplied as standard at 12m lengths and in 11.8m or 11.95m for containers. Other non-standard lengths are available on request.


Maximum – 1.5mm per metre.

Steel specifications

Our extensive steelmaking expertise provides the capability to modify steel specification. 
This can increase the crane rail’s load-bearing capability and extend its life span through improved wear performance.

For example, we have developed steels with a higher vanadium content to provide these benefits.
‘A’ range crane rails are available as per DIN 536-1, with other crane rails being produced to our bespoke specification. 

The steel grades for all products meet the requirements for minimum 690 N/mm2 and 880 N/mm2 tensile strength.

For more details of our crane rail products, please see our crane rail brochure. Our team will also be happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions.

UPE Channel Sizes (mm)

UPE 80 7,98050471010,1
UPE 100 7,98050471010,1
UPE 120 12,112060581215,4
UPE 140 14,514065591218,4
UPE 160 17160705,59,51221,7
UPE 180 19,7180755,510,51225,1
UPE 200 22,8200806111329
UPE 220 26,6220856,5121333,9
UPE 240 30,224090712,51538,5
UPE 270 35,2270957,513,51544,8

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